Range States Agreement Documents

PBear Range States LOGO Final HR 01

  • The Governments of Canada, Denmark, Norway, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States of America.
  • Recognizing the special responsibilities and special interests of the States of the Arctic Region in relation to the protection of the fauna and flora of the Arctic Region.
  • Recognizing that the polar bear is a significant resource of the Arctic Region which requires additional protection.
  • Having decided that such protection should be achieved through co-ordinated national measures taken by the States of the Arctic Region.
  • Desiring to take immediate action to bring further conservation and management measures into effect.


Declaration of the Responsible Ministers of the Polar Bear Range States
Moscow, Russian Federation, 4 of December 2013

Routti et al Contaminants in p bear circumpolar Arctic NP Kortrapport 052 2019 1State of knowledge and further recommendations for monitoring and research – Action #42 of the Circumpolar Action Plan for polar bear conservation

1973 Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears Rules of Procedure for Contracting Parties (revised April 11, 2023)

with Annex A Code of Conduct for Observers

Member state contacts

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