CAP Annexes and Appendices


Annex I
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Mineral and Energy Resources Exploration and Development
Oil and Gas – Country-specific Information

Annex II
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Details of bilateral agreements between the Range States for the management and conservation of polar bears.

Annex III
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Summary Table of Bilateral and Multilateral Actions to Address Threats 2015-2025

Appendix I
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Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears

Appendix II
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of the Responsible Ministers
of the Polar Bear Range States
Moscow, Russian Federation, 4 of December 2013

Appendix III
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Monograph Series Number 5, 2012
An Official Publication of the International Association for Bear Research and Managemen

Appendix IV
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Conventions Protecting the Polar bear and is Habitat

Appendix V, February 2020 Update
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AppendixV feb2020Appendix V: Circumpolar Polar Bear Subpopulation Inventory Planning Schedule, Circumpolar Action Plan (CAP)

Appendix VI, Updated 2018
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Local and/or Traditional Ecological Knowledge Acquisition and Assessment Schedule for Polar Bear Subpopulations Across the Circumpolar Arctic, Updated November 7, 2018

Member state contacts

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