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CAP Mid-Term Review Report DRAFT
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Halfway through implementation of the ten year Circumpolar Acton Plan (CAP), the Polar Bear Range States undertook a review to evaluate the degree to which actions have been implemented, the effectiveness of actions to achieving the stated objectives, and the impact of those actions toward achieving the vision.  The review provided an opportunity to examine what factors have facilitated implementation and to identify impediments.  The Review Group structured the review by looking at the connection between the objectives and threats to the long-term persistence of polar bears, and the ability of suites of actions to achieve the objectives.  An attempt was made to focus the CAP on those activities requiring action at the circumpolar level, with an understanding that such actions would complement actions taken at the domestic and bilateral level. This is a draft report.

Mid-term review report Annex 1: Working version of the objective templates

Annex 2 Final objective templates
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Mid-term review report Annex 2: Final objective templates

Annex 3 Key Recommendations
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Mid-term review report Annex 3: Key Recommendations

Annex 5 Action Review
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Mid-term review report Annex 5: Action Review

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