U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServicePhoto credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Circumpolar Action Plan (CAP) Implementation Team (IT) has been tasked with developing the implementation framework set out in the CAP. The CAP’s comprehensive list of actions and commitments span a timeframe of 10 years. This list is divided into biennial work schedules known as 2-year or periodic Implementation Plans. The first Implementation Plan was developed for 2015-2017. Progress on the 2015-2017 2-Year Implementation Plan was reported in November 2017. Progress on the 2018-2020 2-Year Implementation Plan was reported in January 2020. Progress on the 2020-2023 Implementation Plan will be reported prior to the 2023 Meeting of the Parties to the Agreement.

It is the task of the CAP IT to prioritize actions for each two-year/periodic implementation plan. The CAP IT assesses actions in terms of costs, resources and commitments needed, identifies the division of responsibilities, and develops detailed descriptions of the content and purpose of the actions. The implementation plans developed by the CAP IT are presented for agreement biennially at the Meetings of the Parties to the Agreement. The plans serve as the implementation schedule of the CAP, and allow the Range States to ensure progress, flexibility and efficiency in their circumpolar cooperation.