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Action HBC-A5:
Report findings on human-bear conflicts which end in injury or death (to bears or humans) annually on the RS website for each country or subpopulation

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Summary of the Action:

The Range States report annually on their website the number of polar bears killed and injured, and the number of humans killed and injured, to track how this is changing over time.
The format and routines of the data collection was established during the CAP Implementation Plan 2020-2023 period (HBC-A5). Reporting of the baseline data and the data for 2020 was  covered in closely related actions HBC-A3 and HBC-A4.

Action Lead:




Duration of action:

The action started during the 2020-2022 Implementation period. The action will continue as an onging reporting routine. 

Deliverables (output):

Expected impact/ outcome:

Tracking the development of conflict over time. Information sharing with the public which can contribute to raising awareness.


Table to be published on Range States Website (see here)

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