Report findings on human-bear conflicts which end in injury or death (to bears or humans) annually on the RS website for each country or subpopulation


Summary of the Action:
The Range States want to report annually on their website the number of polar bears killed and injured, and the number of humans killed and injured, to track how this is changing over time. This action concerns establishing the format and routines for this in 2022 and 2023. Reporting of the baseline data and the data for 2020 is covered in closely related actions HBC-A3 and HBC-A4.

Action Lead:
Karen Lone (Norwegian Environment Agency, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Sub-group members:

Lindsey Mangipane (US)
Sam Iverson (Canada)
Jesper Ødegård Jacobsen (Greenland)

Duration of action:
2020-2022. The action is currently formulated as an indefinite, ongoing action. However, the action will be considered complete when the Range States have reported for two years in a row, and the reporting routines are established.

Deliverables (output):

  • External: Table that is published on the Range States website with the number of incidents in any year, that is updated annually.
  • Internal CAP deliverable: Reporting template and routine for how the reporting takes place.

Impact (outcome):
Tracking the development of conflict over time. Information sharing with the public which can contribute to raising awareness.

Table to be published on Range States Website.