Summary of the Action:

The ITEK WG will maintain the Range States ITEK Compendium by compiling guidance on the use of Indigenous knowledge (IK) in decision-making (as well as best practices and research done related to ITEK), focusing specifically on wildlife management decision-making. The ITEK WG will maintain the Range States schedule of IK studies by compiling existing, in-progress and planned IK studies related to polar bears and polar bear habitat. Both documents are being updated in fall 2023 and planned to be published in winter 2024.  Both documents will also be updated in fall 2025.

Action Lead: 

Caroline Ladanowski (Environment and Climate Change Canada, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


The Polar Bear Range States and invited specialists of the ITEK Working Group (see here)


Duration of action:

November 2023 - October 2025

Deliverables/ output:

D1: 2024 Compendium and schedule of ITEK studies (publihsed in winter 2024)

D2: 2025 Compendium and schedule of ITEK studies (publihsed in fall 2025)


Mechanism of completion:

A “Compendium of existing Guidelines for the Use of TEK in decision Making” was finalized and posted on the Range State website in 2018. The updated compendium and schedule of ITEK studies will be posted in winter 2023; and will be updated by the end of the 2023-2025 CAP implementation period.