IMG 0494Photo credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Range States Operations, Protocols and Procedures Working Group (OPP WG) was charged with exploring and developing options for making the operations of the Range States more standardized and/or formal. The options to be included were to cover a full range, from formally adopting rules of procedure and protocols, to developing a stand-alone Secretariat, or sharing duties among the Parties and seeking a partner to share administrative and logistical support. The OPP WG has reviewed the history, roles and responsibilities of the Range States and the current and proposed work under the Circumpolar Action Plan and is considering how best to support that work. The work of the OPP WG has evolved based on discussions with the Heads of Delegation as well as other potential partners and as the group learns more about the opportunities and challenges associated with establishing a shared funding mechanism. The OPP WG plans to provide the Range States with draft rules of procedure and options for obtaining additional support for the work of the Range States. It is anticipated that a decision can be made at the 2018 Biennial Meeting for subsequent implementation. 

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